What is black rice and what are its properties?

What is black rice?

Black rice is one of the special and high quality rice cultivars. Rice as a useful food has a special place in the food basket of households around the world and because Iran is known as one of the producers of rice in the world, its consumption in Iran is considerable.

Rice is considered as an important food in Asia and the consumption of this food is very high in Asian countries because this product is produced as a food mainly in Asian countries, and in addition to Iran, Japan, Korea , China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are recognized as the largest rice producers in Asia.

In addition to Asia, rice is also produced in Europe and the United States. This food is produced in different types and varieties. These include white, brown, red and black rice. In the continuation of this text, we will introduce black rice.

Black rice

Black rice, which is also known as purple rice among the people of the world, is a special and unique type of rice. This product is so called because of its bran-like black skin. We Iranians are mainly familiar with white rice and sometimes because of the high properties of brown rice, we use it for medical purposes, but there are different types of rice, and black rice is known as one of the most complete and nutritious types of rice.

This rice is a product that has been consumed among the communities of that time for at least four centuries BC and was known as forbidden rice in China for centuries. The reason this rice was banned was because its production was very low and its taste and properties were very high, so only the royal family was allowed to use it, and therefore it was forbidden for ordinary people to eat it, and for this reason It was called forbidden rice.

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This rice, as one of the special and rare varieties of rice, can produce in a limited number of countries. And the main reason that few people are familiar with it and consume it is its low production rate. Black rice is popular in countries such as China, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. In addition to food, it also produces various other foods.

This rice is known as the most complete and nutritious type of rice. Thanks to cyberspace today, people’s awareness of this valuable grain has increased and a large number of people have become interested in consuming this product. Black rice in Iran also has various uses and most people who buy black rice, intend to benefit from its extraordinary properties.

black rice

Properties and characteristics of black rice

Black rice is a product that is known among the people because of its unique properties and tonics. This product is called this because of the black pigments in its skin, and in fact most of the properties of black rice and its vitamins in this area.

This rice is a product that is rich in the antioxidant anthocyanin and is therefore useful in the incidence and control of many cancers and is therefore known as a natural anti-cancer drug. Of course, the antioxidant anthocyanin is present in many other foods, but the antioxidant anthocyanin in this rice is easily absorbed by the body because it can be dissolved in water.

Black rice as a nutritious food has a great effect on controlling blood pressure and lowering cholesterol, and therefore has a high impact on heart health, and with regular and regular consumption of this product, heart disease can be prevented to a large extent. کرد. In fact, consuming black rice reduces atherosclerotic plaque by about 50%, and this plays a significant role in heart health and diseases of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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This rice is a product that is rich in fiber and therefore has a very high role in cleansing the intestines as well as preventing and treating constipation. As a result, people who suffer from gastrointestinal problems can use the properties of black rice for this part of the body.

This rice is rich in iron and for this reason, people who suffer from iron deficiency can use this product in their food basket. In fact, iron is one of the substances that the body needs a lot, and as a result, black rice, which is rich in iron, can be injected into the body.

characteristics of black rice

The most important points about black rice

Black rice as a nutritious food has more calories than brown and white rice. For example, 100 grams of this product contains 8.5 grams of protein, 4.9 grams of fiber and 3.5 grams of iron. For this reason, it can be said with confidence that the nutritional value of this product is more than types of rice such as white rice, brown rice and red rice.

Black rice has a special cooking method. To prepare and cook black rice, you should pay attention to a number of points. For example, the cooking time of this rice is very long due to its bran crust, and usually the cooking process will vary from one to four hours. But if you soak this rice longer before cooking, it will reduce the cooking time. Of course, when boiling this rice, care should be taken not to boil it too much and also not to be too raw.

Black rice, like white rice, can be cooked and used in a variety of ways. For this reason, it is recommended that you buy black rice from reputable brands in order to make the best use of the properties of this rice.

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