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Mexico is a country with a civilization of over 5,000 years, covers an area of ​​about two million square kilometers. It has a population of 110 million. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. some Traditional Mexican Food is so famous around the world .

It has mountainous lands and is more than 500 meters above sea level.

The country has many plateaus and has a completely variable climate in the north and south.

The unparalleled variety of local and regional fruits and vegetables. Also the completely different recipes from other Central American countries, make Mexico an interesting and varied diet.

Taco a Mexican food

External influences on traditional Mexican food

Mexico’s diet, with a combination of indigenous and natural ingredients from the region. Especially Mesoamerica (one of the cultural regions in the United States. Which considered to extend almost from the center of Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua), It’s wonderful and unique.

 The people of Mexico have incorporated a considerable variety of local and foreign foods into their meals. Following European guidelines, especially in Spain, introducing a myriad of foods based on ingredients such as corn, beans and chili peppers.

One of the main achievements of the food culture of European countries for the diet of the Mexican people is the use of meat of domestic animals (cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep and cattle), dried products, especially cheeses, species. There are many different types of spices and legumes.


During the time that the Spanish Empire colonized the Mexican nation (about 300 years), many attempts made to impose their favorite flavors and foods on their diet and to cook and prepare them according to their food tastes. A variety of foods consumed by Mexicans.

This never happened, and eventually the Spaniards were forced to combine their food, cooking techniques, and mixing their original foods with local and indigenous foods, agricultural products, and the main ingredients of regional foods in the Mexican diet. . Monks did it in the colonial area than in any other area. Continental countries in Asia and Africa (especially during the Black Slavery era) also played a significant role in creating influences and introducing and establishing special cooking methods and interesting food combinations in the Mexican diet.

Tlayudas as a mexican food

Regional diet in Mexican recipe

Over the centuries, the diet of a region of Mexico, the Yucat Peninsula (a region of the Gulf of Mexico separated from the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by three Mexican states, part of Belize and Guatemala), is based on the use of local ingredients and foods. The people of this region use a unique diet using only local and regional ingredients and using traditional cooking and recipe instructions.

The diet used in the Mexican state of Veracruz includes part of the social culture, traditional and common ingredients. For example, the most important diet in this region is in the consumption of mole (a kind of food). Food that prepares on various occasions and holidays, especially in the southern and central regions of Mexico.

Mushroom and Huitlacoche Tacos‏

Pristine and high-consumption food

In the food basket used by the Mexican people, the presence of some food items, in addition to being special, is interesting and spectacular in its kind. For example, the consumption of huitlacoche (in some parts of the corn, a mushroom-like mass grows that Mexicans use to prepare a variety of dishes) is very popular among Mexican families.

Of course, it should not be overlooked that the Mexican diet consists of the diets of China, France, Italy and Japan. Which, after integrating with the native foods and regions of Mexico, make it one of the most important diets in the world. Has turned.

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As mentioned earlier, during the Spanish colonization of Mexico, ingredients such as tomatoes, squash, avocados, coconut and vanilla introduced, as well as some of the main ingredients not used in other diets, such as florets. Edible are vegetables such as huauzontle (edible vegetable) and papaloquelite.

In the diet of southern and central Mexico, consumption of substances such as pork, beef, chicken, cheeses, herbs and spices, as well as some tropical fruits such as guana, prickly pear, mango, banana, pineapple and tree fruit. Cherimoya, which can be considered as an important part of the effects of the European diet in Mexico, is very common, common and important.

Of course, it is still debatable how the Mexican diet, despite all the changes it has undergone under the influence of other countries, still referred to as an indigenous, local, yet European diet. But it is safe to say that the consumption of corn and legumes with chili peppers (fresh and dried) as a basis, basis and, most importantly, complement the types of food cooked in the diet of the people of this country.

tortilla corn

tortilla corn and rice

Consumption of wheat and rice is relatively low in the diet of Mexicans. Perhaps the reason for this is its significant production and growth in Mexico itself. Using corn and starch, they make a very soft dough and ferment it with lime. This dough, which uses in both fresh and fermented types, use in the preparation of many types of beverages (atole, pozole, …). Also countless varieties of cooked foods such as tamales (a type of food that is wrapped between the leaves of corn). ), Sopes, etc. are used.

But one of the most common uses of corn is to make tortilla corn bread, which is very tasty and delicious. The bread eats with most of the food served in the Mexican diet. As you know, tortilla bread made with corn flour in most countries. At the same time in some parts of Mexico, other types of bread can be found with the help of wheat, wild plants and plantain.

Molcajete and Tejolote

Molcajete and tejolote is a traditional mortar and pestle used by many families in Mexico. In fact, it can be said that this traditional tool, like the Haw Ma Ma Iranians, is the cane of every Mexican family for preparing various local and indigenous sauces and condiments. Cooking different dishes using local and indigenous condiments, in addition to having a pleasant taste, will also have a wonderful aroma and aroma.

Chili pepper

Chili peppers in Traditional Mexican Food

Chili peppers are not only used in the Mexican diet for their spicy and warm flavors and in the preparation of a wide variety of dishes, but also because of the amazing aroma of this rich spice, they have countless fans all over Mexico. This is so important that if the food or snack cooked by a Mexican chef does not contain chili peppers, they will definitely use another hot sauce as a substitute. It is interesting to note that they use chili peppers in the preparation of some sweets and products made from fresh fruits.

The importance of this popular spice goes back to the Mesoamerican period. When items such as corn and legumes, along with chili peppers were an integral part of the Mexican diet. To claim this, we can refer to the writings of Bartolomé de las Casas (Spanish historian who lived in the 16th century). The historical figure has repeatedly stated in his writings that Mexicans do not accept food cooked without chili peppers as food.

Even today, many Mexicans believe that their unity, identity, and culture will diminishe, except by being and consuming chili peppers. Which are a symbol of their country’s history and tradition.


Meats and vegetables

Many dishes prepared by Mexican chefs are full of meats and vegetables with a layer of different sauces, especially chili peppers. These foods will include entomatada (served with a layer of ketchup), adobo, pipings and moles. Meats and vegetables are so important Traditional Mexican Food.

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Hominy is a soup in this country and is also known as pozole (in the preparation of this tonic soup, they use peeled corn and boiled in water or milk). They make this dish with white, green or red sauces and sometimes with chili sauce.

Consumption of Tamales, as a food that characterize by the use of sauces (red, green and chili peppers), will not be without merit.

In the diet of the Mexican people, due to the presence of a significant variety of fruits, plants, vegetables and edible seeds, the presence of local drinks and regions will not be unimaginable. Therefore, Mexico, in addition to food diversity, has hot and cold drinks, sweet and mild and even spicy.

Horchata is one of the most popular drinks in the Mexican diet. This drink prepare from a combination of fruits, plants, seeds or kernels of nuts, cereals such as rice and barley, lozenges, etc. Of course, adding sugar, water and sweet condiments such as cinnamon is one of the best ways to flavor this local drink. Horchata also is known among Mexicans as orxata.

Aguas frescas

Aguas frescas

Aguas frescas is another delicacy in Traditional Mexican Food. They like this drink by mixing fruits, grains, flowers and adding some water and sugar as a light drink. As you know, Mexico, due to its favorable geography for growing corn, has become self-sufficient in the production of this nutrient, and it is clear that the use of corn in the diet of this country is done in large quantities. In addition to foods cooked with corn, they also use this brain substance in the preparation of various beverages.

There is another type of cold drink in the Mexican diet called hibiscus or ice tea. Mexicans make and drink this cold drink using tamarind.

In addition to the coffee flavor, the café de olla, with its wonderful cinnamon aroma, has a unique feature among all the drinks in the Mexican diet. Its considered one of the most consumed. Of course, people add a little sugar to reduce the bitterness of coffee and enjoy it twice as much as drinking it. Most of the drinks consumed by the Mexican people are made available through street vendors.


The traditional food of Mexico:

One of the most important features of Mexico City is the effects it has on the diet of other parts of the country. And even a large number of foreign areas. The reason for this is attribution to the migration of many people from all over the country. Other nations to this city in the past centuries. Many of the main ingredients, such as tropical and tropical fruits, which use to cook a variety of foods, are not able to grow in this area and mexican have to import their necessities from other areas. Street diet is very common among the people of this area. For example, sandwich shops and lunch stalls abound on many of the city’s streets.

The most common and popular dishes prepared in Mexico City are barbacoa (mountain food), birria (from western Mexico), moles (Puebla food in central Mexico), cabrito (northern food).

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