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The traditional recipe of sweet pilaf

How to prepare a delicious and fragrant traditional sweet pilaf

Sweet pilaf or shirinploo is usually one of the dishes on the colorful wedding table and large parties. Many fans consider it a difficult and time consuming food. But the fact is that preparing this Iranian food is not more difficult than other foods. This time, we will share with you how to prepare Majlisi sweet pilaf so that you do not have to wait to eat your favorite food.

Ingredients for sweet pilaf

Eight cups of rice

Slice pistachios and almonds

Ground saffron a tablespoon of jam

Oil as needed

Two scoops of sugar

Slice orange or orange peel



sweet pilaf

How to prepare sweet pilaf – Recipe

first stage

Boil the sugar with or a pint of water in the pot for five to six minutes, then strain it and return it to the pot. Rinse sliced ​​pistachio almonds and pour over sliced ​​orange peel. This will help to sweeten the sweetness of the pilaf you are preparing and give it a special flavor.

second stage

Pour sliced ​​orange peel in sugar syrup and boil for another five to six minutes until the orange peel extract comes out well and enters the syrup. Then remove the pot from the heat and wait for it to cool.

third level- recipe of sweet pilaf

Drain the rice. At the same time, fry the fillets and season with saffron or prepare the minced meat in a spherical shape and brew it with a little saffron and set aside the rest of the brewed saffron to pour it on your rice later. Just like pilaf, plenty of saffron is the secret to the deliciousness of this rice.

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The fourth step

Heat half a cup of oil in a saucepan and pour half of the drained rice over the oil with a spatula. Then place the chicken or meat pieces on the rice and take half of the almond and pistachio slices with a perforated spoon of sugar syrup and sprinkle on the chicken or meatballs.

Step Five – recipe of sweet pilaf

Pour the rest of the rice over the meat or chicken and put it in the pot. Place it on the flame spreader over a gentle heat. After the rice has steamed for 10 to 12 minutes, pour the mixture of saffron, oil and sugar syrup over the rice. Then put the kettle on the pot and let the rice simmer for 45 minutes on low heat.

Step Six

Remove the rice from the oven before serving and put it in a dish. You can put the chickens around the dish and sprinkle some cinnamon on the rice you have served and decorate it with the remaining slices.

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