Pumpkin pilaf or Kahipla – Persian traditional food

How to prepare pumpkin pilaf Mazandarani or Kahipla in the traditional way in northern Iran

If you travel to the northern cities of the country, you can experience the best and most different local cuisine. The food diversity of the northern cities of Iran is well-known and has its fans. One of these attractive dishes is Mazandaran squash, which is also known as Kahipla and Kai Pla. pumpkin pilaf is the local food of Amol.

The most important part of this food is pumpkin. In addition to the unique taste of this food, fortunately, we can claim that we are dealing with completely healthy food. In addition to reducing the risk of cancer, pumpkin is very useful in combating eye aging and blood sugar. Strengthening the immune system and improving lung function are other properties of this food that double its value.

The good news is that you do not need much raw materials to prepare Mazandaran squash, but you should spend about two hours preparing and cooking this food.

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Raw materials for making pumpkin pilaf

Onion two (average)

Garlic four to six cloves (sauteed)

Turmeric in the required amount

Two chicken breasts

Pumpkin 200 to 300 g (chopped into cubes)

Salt and pepper as needed

Cinnamon in the required amount

Mazandarani pumpkin pilaf recipes

How to prepare Mazandarani pumpkin pilaf

first stage

Peel an onion and fry it in a pan with salt, turmeric and pepper. When the onion turns a little brown and the spices fried, put the chicken in a pan and fry. After the chicken fried enough, add a glass of water to cook the chicken completely. Chicken juice should be thoroughly concentrated.

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second stage

Chop another onion and fry, then add the garlic and continue frying. After the garlic aroma rises, add the chopped squash to the mixture and after frying a little, add turmeric and cinnamon.

Mazandarani pumpkin pilaf

third level

Now add the fried chicken to the sauce you made with the pumpkin and place in the dish. Turn down the heat so that your chicken cooks slowly in this different sauce.

The fourth step

Now mix the pre-drained rice in layers with the prepared ingredients. Pour a layer of rice in the pot and fill it with chicken cooked in pumpkin sauce. Then go to the next layers and when you pour all the ingredients in the pot, let the rice cook with the prepared ingredients on a very low heat.

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