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Potato Kuku recipe

What is Potato Kuku?

Potato Kuku is a delicious middle eastern food. It prepares in two ways; One with baked potatoes and the other with raw potatoes. Kuku prepares in the oven with little oil or in a pan with a lot of oil.

Ingredients Kuku potatoes

Potatoes: One kg

Eggs: 4 to 5 pieces

Baking powder or baking soda: 1 tsp

Salt and pepper

kuku sibzamini

How to prepare potato Kuku

First step

Boil, peel, and grate the potatoes, then break the eggs in a bowl and beat well until completely foamy.

Pour a little salt, pepper, and baking powder into the egg and add the completely cooled potatoes to the egg yolk and stir. Pour three or four tablespoons of oil in a non-stick pan or dish, let it heat up, and pour the yeast in the oil. Then reduce the heat, flatten it with the back of a spoon so that its surface is the same everywhere.

Put it in the pan and reduce the heat a little more so that the completely closed ink can be cut. First, we cut the Kuku into a plus shape. We turn the Kuku pieces with two forks and cut each piece in half again. In this case, we will have eight pieces of Kuku. And decorate it with tomato rings.

Second step

Two sweet and salty flavors are also selected for cooking this food so that some people add nectar to the type prepared with boiled potatoes and salt to the type prepared with raw potatoes. Kuku made with baked potatoes is usually stuffed with ingredients such as cardamom, cinnamon, and walnut kernels or minced meat or even fried mushrooms. Below are the small tips for preparing cocoons and the mystery and trick of preparing it, as well as how to prepare different types of potato cutlets.

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The people of Isfahan call this food Kuku sugar.

potato kuku

Tips and tricks to make this food :

1. If you prepare Kuku with raw potatoes, you can add shredded cooked chicken or fragrant vegetables to it, but adding these ingredients to the Kuku mass prepared with boiled potatoes is not recommended.

2. Kuku often cracks after cooking and breaks when moved. The reason for this is the small amount of eggs, but you should be careful not to use too many eggs, because in this case, the kuku tissue disappears and becomes spongy and foamy.

3. Many people add raw onion and kuku to potatoes. I suggest taking water when adding this vegetable because it loosens the kuku and destroys its cohesive texture. In addition, do not over-consume onions because it causes kuku to fall out.

potato kuku recipe

4. The recommended thickness for this kuku is between 0.5 to 2 cm, which you can change according to your taste. Do not forget that being too thick will cause the kuku not to cook and being too thin will cause it to dry out and even burn.

5. Apart from the mint or coriander in the recipe, you can use fresh mint alone or fresh basil and even dried thyme. In this way, the taste of kuku will be unique.

6. If the kuku mass is loose due to the addition of eggs or onions, it is better to add a little potato flour to it to find the necessary consistency.

7. A good spice that should not be forgotten for cooking this food is only saffron in sweet cutlet and saffron and turmeric in salted cutlet.

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