Persian Noodles recipe

Noodles are a famous Iranian dish that is eaten in some parts of the country; Eid night is cooked and they believe that a blessed year awaits them by eating noodles.

We suggest that you try this dish with different types of Iranian rice such as Hashemi rice and Sadri rice. You can also use smoked rice. Click to buy first class rice.

ingredients of Persian Noodles :

3 cups rice
200 grams of noodles
Chicken breast 400 g
Butter as needed
1 onion
Water as needed
1 cup raisins
Brewed saffron in the required amount
Cinnamon ½ teaspoon
Barberry 1 measure
Oil as needed
Salt, pepper and turmeric as needed
Sugar as needed

Preparation method of Persian Noodles:

To prepare the noodles, first put the chicken on the heat with an onion, water, some salt, pepper and turmeric.

Let the chicken cook completely, then chop an onion and fry in some oil.

When the onion is fried, grate the chicken and add it.

Roast the chicken and onion together and set aside.

Drain the rice, soak it for 3 hours and pour it into boiling water.

When the rice is a little raw, add the noodles or prepare the noodles like pasta and drain and add to the rice at this stage.

Drain the rice and noodles and put the bottom of the pot on the bottom of the desired pot.

Then, in the next step, gently pour the drained rice and noodles into the pot.

It is better to put a piece of butter on the rice and pour a small amount of water around the pot so that the noodles do not dry out.

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The brewing time of pilaf is about 45 minutes.

In the meantime, fry the barberry and raisins separately in oil.

Note that when frying raisins, add some cinnamon powder to it.

Garnish the prepared noodles with raisins, barberry and pre-prepared chicken.

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