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Morassa’ with rice or Morassa’ polo recipe

Morassa’ with rice or jewel rice is one of the dishes of Iranian food. This food is especially prominent at important Iranian ceremonies and gatherings. The Morassa’ with rice recipe is not so hard. In some provinces of Iran such as Qazvin, Khorasan, and Fars, Morassa’ with rice is one of the most important wedding foods.

Here is how to prepare rice with chicken or meat:

How to prepare rice for Morassa’ with rice

Ingredients for 10 people

Rice: One and a half kilograms

Chicken: One and a half kilograms

Onions: 3 medium

Raisins: 150 grams

Barberry: 150 grams

Sugar: 3 tablespoons

Almond slices: 150 grams

Pistachio slices: 150 grams

Concentrated brewed saffron: as needed

Rose: 2 and a half cups

Orange slices: 75 grams

Salt, pepper and turmeric: as needed

Butter and sugar: as needed

Morassa' polo recipe

How to prepare

The recipe for Morassa’ with rice is here! First prepare the ingredients. Rinse the rice and soak it in water and salt. Chop the washed chicken on medium. Then fry the barberry, raisins, and sliced ​​orange peel (taken bitterly) separately with a little sugar and butter and set aside. Soak sliced ​​pistachios and almonds separately in rose water for a few hours (it is better if you soak them the night before) and then fry them with a little butter, but be careful not to darken or burn them.

In a separate frying pan, finely chop the onions and fry. When the onions are light, add some turmeric. Roast until the onions are fried and the raw taste of turmeric is obtained. Now add the chicken pieces that you have chopped as grilled chicken to the onions. Add salt and pepper and fry the chicken. When the chicken is golden brown, add some water and let the chicken cook well.

Iranian morasa' polow with rice

Next step for Morassa’ with rice recipe

Cook the rice in boiling water and drain. With the first crack on the rice grains, remove it from the gas flame and drain.

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Pour some oil in a suitable pot and wait for it to heat up. If you like the bottom of the bread pot or any other bottom of the pot, put the bottom of the pot and then pour a layer of rice.

Pour the chicken over the rice layer and pour a thin layer of orange and almond peel over the chicken. Add the rest of the rice to these ingredients and simmer the rice in your usual style on a gentle gas flame. After cooking the rice, gently stir the ingredients with a spatula and serve in the desired dish. Garnish the dish with sliced ​​pistachios and almonds, barberry, raisins, and sliced ​​orange peel as desired.

Morassa’ with rice

Tips and Tricks for Morassa’ with rice recipe

* In order to have a delicious, elegant and fragrant rice, be sure to use high quality rice to prepare it.

* What is the difference between rice and sweet rice? One of the main ingredients of sweet rice is carrot, which is not in the composition of rice. Also, in the method of preparing sweet rice, the ingredients are added layer by layer, but in the rice, the ingredients are not layered, and different slices are poured on the rice during the decoration, except for a thin layer of orange and almond peel on the chicken, which is brewed with rice. They kill.

* Be sure to use thick and high quality saffron to cook the rice and be generous in using saffron.

* You can make rice with mutton, for example mutton, in the same way. If desired, cook the muscle separately and place it next to the rice. You can also use turkey instead of chicken. It is also common to use minced meat in a pan to make rice. Using chicken thighs properly or chicken legs is also a good idea to make a rice. In this case, make the rice marjoram separately and fry the chicken thigh separately and place it next to the rice marjoram.

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* You can also use orange peel instead of orange peel. Take the bitterness of orange peel in the same way as orange peel.

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