List of delicious Lebanese cuisine

Introducing Lebanese cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is known for its delicious taste. In the meantime, Lebanese cuisine is higher than the rest. Most Lebanese food is very tasty and very healthy. This has made them more popular.

Many Lebanese cuisine, such as falafel, have become so universal that they prepare in most countries and everyone is familiar with them. Other Lebanese dishes such as Homs, meatballs, Tabouleh salad and Fatoush salad are also very popular around the world. In this article, we want to introduce you to the most famous and delicious Lebanese food.

We all know many of these foods and have tried them before, but others may be new to us. Stay with us.

Baba Ghanoush as Lebanese cuisine


Baba Ghanoush is one of the authentic and traditional dishes of Lebanon. This food is a bit like Homs. If you like the taste of homs, you will surely fall in love with this food. Baba Ghanoush usually ate with pita bread and olive oil. Because the flour used in its composition has a taste similar to Homs. The main difference between the two foods is that Baba Ghanoush is eggplant instead of chickpeas, and sometimes pomegranate seeds poured on it for decoration. Babaqanush is one of the most famous and delicious Lebanese dishes that has many fans.



Well, we come to the famous and lovable Falafel! Falafel is more popular in the Middle East than any other Lebanese dish. Few people have never eaten falafel and have not tried this delicious and cheap food. However, you should know that falafel is also one of the authentic Lebanese dishes and as you know, it prepares from fried peas. In Lebanon, falafels place in pita bread and sprinkled with vegetables and sesame sauce.

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Shawarma in Lebanese cuisine


Undoubtedly, one of the most delicious Lebanese cuisines is Shawarma, which made from grilled and minced meat. Sometimes Shawarma also prepares with chicken, which calls chicken shawarma. To prepare shawarma, the minced meat combine with vegetables and tahini sauce and served inside pita bread. In Lebanese restaurants, Shawarma usually serves with Tabouleh salad or Fatoush salad, which is a unique and delicious combination.

Fattoush Salad

Fattoush Salad

Fattoush is another delicious Lebanese salad that has gained worldwide fame. In this salad, thin slices of bread (usually pita bread) are fried in olive oil and when it is crispy and toasted, it crushed and added to the salad. Finally, add olive oil, grated garlic, fresh lemon juice and salt to the salad. Lebanese salads are very healthy and are diet salad.

Kunafeh in Lebanese cuisine


Kunafeh is a very tasty and delicious dessert that is popular in Turkey and Khuzestan in addition to Lebanon. This type of sweet is almost like zucchini and okra and is often cooked and consumed during Ramadan. Kunafeh is a type of cheese pastry made from noodles called Kunafeh and covered with thick and sweet pistachios and nectar. Also Kunafeh serves both for breakfast and as a dessert. Kunafeh sometimes place on bread and eaten as a bite, which is a very tasty combination.



Lebanese kafta is one of the most delicious Lebanese cuisines that has a very delicious taste. Kafta is actually a small type of kebab made from a combination of ground beef, lamb or chicken with onions, parsley, spices and bread crumbs. The composition of the ingredients is made into small kafta and then skewered. Lebanese meatballs are eaten alone or with potatoes and tomato sauce. Of course, sometimes kafta is eaten with white rice, which is similar to our chelokbab. Kafta is now popular in Turkey and is also served in restaurants there.

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Manakish in Lebanese cuisine


Manakish is another Lebanese cuisine sometimes called Lebanese pizza. Different ingredients are poured on a round dough and then in the traditional method it is placed in the oven and in the modern method in the oven and cooked. Of course, Manakish should not be too crowded and therefore more like a flavored bread. In Lebanon, Manakish bread is often topped with thyme, sesame seeds, sumac and olive oil. Of course, you may find meat and cheese used in some Lebanese restaurants. Manakish is often eaten with tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mint leaves and olives for breakfast.

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