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Khoresht karafs – Celery stew recipe

Intro of khoresht karafs recipe

Celery stew or khoresht karafs is one of the most delicious and original Iranian dishes. Khoresht karafs or celery stew is made from minced mutton or beef with celery, mint and parsley. In some areas, chicken is also used to make celery stew. Celery stew can control the heart, skin, liver, blood pressure. Also a number of other properties due to the presence of celery in it, which has many vitamins and nutrients.

celery stew

Ingredients for preparing celery stew

Celery: 600 g
Stewed sliced meat: 400 g
Onions: 2 pcs
limoo ‘ammaan: 2 pcs
Fresh mint: 1 teaspoon
Parsley: 2 tablespoons
Liquid oil: as needed
Tomato paste: 1 tbsp
Salt, turmeric and black pepper: as needed
Natural lemon juice or natural juice: as needed

Recipe for preparing celery stew or khoresht karafs

First Step

In the first step, remove the stems and leaves of celery. Then wash the stems, then place them in a strainer to drain the water. Chop it evenly on the kitchen board. The same size of stems in stew creates a more beautiful appearance.

Wash the celery leaves and chop them with the parsley and mint on a kitchen board.

Then select a pan. Then place it on the stove over a low flame and add the chopped celery along with the chopped parsley and mint to the pan and fry. Let the vegetable juice drain completely and then add the liquid oil to fry the vegetables and celery.

After frying, take the vegetables out of the pan and put them in a corner.

celery stew and rice

Second step

Then peel and wash the onions. Chop them finely on a kitchen board and pour into a saucepan in which you want to cook the stew. Of course, add a little oil to the pot.

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Allow the onions to soften slightly and change color. Once the onions are golden, add the turmeric. Stir well until smooth and fry them together.

Next, chop the pre-cleaned and washed meats and chop them on the kitchen board into stew pieces (meaning relatively large stews that are visible when cooking, about 1.5 inches) into a saucepan. Add and mix the ingredients well until smooth. Fry the meat gently until fried. To do this, reduce the gas flame.

After the meats fried, add the tomato paste to the pot and fry. When the tomato paste fried and discolored, add the chopped celery stalks and let it fry with the rest of the stew ingredients. Then add a few cups of boiling water to the pot. Turn down the heat and let the meats cook slowly.

Now it is time to add limoo ‘ammaanto the stew. To remove the bitterness of limoo ‘ammaan, pierce them with a fork and place in a bowl of water for an hour. Do this beforehand and then add the lemons to the pot at this stage.

Try some meat, after meat half cooked, add salt and pepper and stir. Then add the fried vegetables to the pot.

Last step

For better cooking, place the ingredients in a saucepan half open and wait for 3 hours to cook.

Cooking celery stew takes almost a lot of time and, like preparing ghorme sabzi, it will take longer over time. At the end of cooking celery stew, taste some of it and if necessary, add salt and some natural lemon juice or natural juice.

DONE! your karafs recipes is ready, serve it with saffron rice and Shirazi salad or yogurt.

karafs stew

Tips in preparing khoresht karafs recipe

 Make sure the celery you buy is crisp and fresh, compact and even. Also pay attention to its color. Celery should be light green and not dark green to brown.

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The important point in preparing celery stew is the presence of fresh and healthy celery and those that have a crispier stem. If you use old and withered celery in celery stew, it will spoil the taste of your stew and also the celery stew will be dry and firm.

If you fry the vegetables too much, they will lose their properties. But this makes the khoresht karafs more colorful.

In preparing celery stew, you can not use red meat and use chicken instead. For this purpose, chop 600 to 800 grams of chicken meat (preferably breast) into pieces or minced meat and follow the steps of preparing celery stew with red meat.

Note that less time is needed to cook khoresht karafs with chicken.

To have vegetable celery stew, you can use pinto beans instead of any meat. For this purpose, pre-soak 150 grams of pinto beans in water to remove bloating and also cook more easily. After rinsing the beans, fry them with the onions for a few minutes, then add the water and let it cook.

You can also use mushrooms instead of meat.

To make celery stew more delicious at the end of cooking, add some brewed saffron to the pot to give your stew a unique taste.

In some parts of Iran, red beans are also used in the preparation of celery stew.

The method of preparing celery stew that we taught is suitable for 4 people at lunch. If the amount of people is more or less, change the ratio of raw materials.

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