Iranian chop suey with chicken and green beans recipe

How to prepare Iranian Chop suey with chicken and green beans

In this article, we want to teach you how to make Iranian chop suey with chicken. This food is a good choice for people who are looking for diet foods. In the following, we will explain the necessary ingredients and how to prepare this dish.

Ingredients for preparing chicken and bean feed:

Chicken: 4 pieces of breast or thigh

Green beans: two glasses

Potatoes: 3 medium

(Potatoes are one of the foods you can add to most foods. This will both improve the taste of the food and give you the potato properties.)

Onion: 1 piece

Carrots: 2 pcs

Tomato paste: 2 tablespoons

Spices: salt, black pepper and turmeric

Fresh lemon juice: Enough

Peas: 1 glass

Corn: 1 cup

Chicken and green bean recipe:

Recipe of Iranian chop suey with chicken:

Step one :

First, it is better to cook the chicken and to make the chicken taste better, we divide it into 4 parts and let it cook with water, onion, salt, pepper and turmeric.

Chop the potatoes into large pieces so that they do not crush when cooked. Slice the carrots and chop the beans into half fingers and set aside.

After about 30 minutes, add the green beans and tomato paste to the chicken to cook over a low flame.

Carrots and beans cook later than potatoes, so they should be poured into the pot sooner.

chop suey with chicken

Step two:

About 20 minutes later, add the potatoes to the ingredients and add the peas and corn along with the potatoes. At this stage, we add lemon juice to the ingredients so that the potatoes and other ingredients are not crushed and their appearance is preserved.

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When the potatoes are cooked, turn off the pot. Delicious chicken and green bean dish is ready and you can enjoy it with bread.

Now that we know how to prepare this dish, it is better to mention some of the benefits of green beans so that you have more motivation to prepare this dish.

Properties of green beans:

The dietary content of green beans includes fiber, vitamins, minerals, and a small amount of carbohydrates. It also contains protein, calcium, dietary fiber, iron and several other essential nutrients. The antioxidant content of green beans is amazing and even has cardiovascular benefits. Green beans are also a rich source of omega-3 fats. You can easily get green beans in most stores.

Green beans are a great choice for cancer prevention, AIDS, diabetes, heart health, infertility treatment, bone strengthening, eye health and finally for feeding children and babies because of fiber, vitamins and protein.

chop suey with chicken

A few tips on cooking chicken and green beans:

1- You can also use mushrooms in chicken and green beans.

2- You can also use pinto beans. Soak the beans in water beforehand and then cook with water and add the ingredients to the ingredients after cooking the chicken.

2- Instead of chicken, you can also use lean meat with medium pieces. You can also use soy in emergencies, but it does not taste as good as when made with chicken and meat.

3- If you are one of those people who do not like the sweet taste of corn in food, you can use less corn or even remove it from raw materials.

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4- You can use Bukhara plum in this dish.

5- You can brew a little saffron to make the bean dish more colorful and also fragrant.

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