How to prepare shrimp pilaf – Bushehr delicious food recipe – Hawari Shrimp

Shrimp with Persian rice or shrimp pilaf

Shrimp is a source of protein and is a very nutritious food. Omega-3 also is shrimp, which plays an important role in our health. Bushehri shrimp pilaf is a delicious southern dish that you can make with fish. Today we are going to teach you how to prepare shrimp pilaf, so join us.

“Shrimp food”, “Shrimp roe”, “Shrimp roast”, “Shrimp soup”, “Shrimp meatballs” or shrimp pilaf, which is one of the popular pilafs in the south of Iran. In this food, shrimp is flavored with fragrant vegetables and many spices and mixed with pilaf to sit on the tables of these warm-hearted people; Hawari Shrimp is cooked in different ways in the maritime provinces of southern Iran. In this article, we have brought you one of these cooking methods. Cook this delicious food, because you have to taste the unique taste of this food.

shrimp polow

Ingredients for preparing Bushehr shrimp pilaf (for 4 people)

Shrimp cleaned; 500 grams

Mixture of chopped coriander and fenugreek vegetables (about 100 grams of coriander and 50 grams of fenugreek)

Large onion; A number

Garlic; Two pills

tomato paste; A tablespoon

Curry spices and coriander seeds in the required amount

Ground saffron in the required amount

Salt, pepper, and ginger

Bushehr delicious food recipe

How to prepare Bushehri shrimp pilaf

► The first stage

Peel an onion, grate it and fry it in a frying pan with some oil. Add chopped vegetables and well-washed shrimp and fry with onions.

► The second stage

Add the spices at this stage and stir until well combined. (Turn off the gas about 8 minutes after adding the shrimp. Because overcooking the shrimp will harden the meat.)

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► The third stage

Prepare the drained rice. Before adding the rice, lightly grease the pot and place the desired preparation on the bottom. Pour the shrimp and rice mixture into the pot, respectively, so that the ingredients are completely on top of the rice and the last layer is rice.

► The fourth stage

After pouring all the ingredients into the pot, close the door to inhale. If you wish, you can add a little melted butter or oil when the rice steam rises.

Your shrimp pilaf is ready, serve it in your favorite dish and enjoy.

Bushehri shrimp pilaf

Special tips and tips on cooking shrimp pilaf

This food is cooked in various ways in different cities and provinces of southern Iran.

Khuzestani shrimp pilaf also has mung bean and instead of lemon zest, they add a spoonful of vinegar to the sauce.

You can also serve this dish with walnuts and raisins and enjoy the spicy and unique taste of southern mango pickle.

You can use pomegranate paste to season shrimp. The sour taste and pomegranate flavor, like many fish, sit next to the taste of shrimp.

Pre-fried Negini potatoes are sometimes added to the rice when the rice is cooked with the shrimp mixture.

This food is often made spicy, so if you do not have a problem with spicy foods, do not be careful to add red pepper in this food.

It is better to include this food in your lunch, because it is a little heavy and high in calories for dinner.

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