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Tips and tricks for cooking Ghormeh Sabzi

Tips and tricks for cooking Ghormeh Sabzi

In this article we want to cover some tips and tricks to make a different and delicious ghormeh sabzi!

you may be intrested in History of ghormeh sabzi which you can read about it , here!

  • Because beans are using in vegetable broth, this food may be bloated. But to prevent this problem, you can soak the beans from the night before. Then change the water several times to get the full bloating.
  • When choosing beans, you can choose between red beans or pinto beans. Actually what matters is your taste! because some people like green beans and some like red beans others with pinto beans. Even in some parts of Iran, they use cowpeas.
  • When choosing a type of mutton or beef, it is better to use mutton that has a little fat with it.
  • Try using a little oil for frying and frying.
  • If you notice that the food does not fit well and the oil does not form on it when you start eating, add 3 or 4 small molds of ice to it 10 minutes before cooking. This will cause the stew oil to be absorbed and Come up on the stew
  • In the case of vegetables, you can according to your taste or experience; Fry the vegetables before adding them to the food. This is a completely tasteful act.
  • Vegetables should cook well. When frying, do not blacken it too much as it will become bitter
  • Vegetable crumbs, chicken, and kebabs are among the official Iranian dishes.
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