Everything you need to know about smoked rice

Smoked rice:

There are different types of rice, some of which we have introduced in previous articles. In this article, we are going to point out the differences between white rice and smoked rice and examine the correctness of the right and wrong beliefs about its consumption.

Is it harmful to heat and re-use rice?

In the past, when methods of disinfection and longer shelf life of food were limited, people tried to increase their shelf life as much as possible by smoking foods such as meat or rice. But why exactly did they use this method?

Scientifically, smoke contains more than 2,000 types of chemicals, some of which, such as alcohol or certain chemical compounds, can disinfect and kill fungi. For this reason, people used smoking to increase the shelf life of food products.

With advances in technology, smoking is no longer used to preserve food, and perhaps the only benefit is the variety of tastes and the experience of a taste that we experience less.

Some people think that smoked rice is a type of rice that is grown separately. But it should be noted that smoked rice is the same aromatic rice cultivated by farmers that turns into smoked rice during the production process. Smoked rice is darker in color than aromatic rice. And its raw and cooked seeds give off a pleasant aroma of smoke.

There are many people who consume this rice in its pure form, but some people mix smoked rice with aromatic rice and consume both together.

How to prepare smoked rice

To smoke, rice bags are usually placed in a closed room and some firewood or pieces of wood are burned there so that the rice or any other food product in the room smells of smoke.

Although the combustion of any other material also produces smoke, the smoke from burning wood does not have an unpleasant odor compared to the burning of other materials, and the burning of some materials, such as plastic compounds, emits toxic gases that are not consumed in any way. Not recommended for health.

In addition, any wood is not recommended for smoking rice because painted wood or those with a special taste, such as pine wood, produce smoke when burned that contains carcinogenic compounds and poses a serious threat to human health.

Why do they smoke rice?

It is safe to say that today, rice is no longer smoked to increase its shelf life, and this method is practically obsolete. Although smoking rice causes it to dry out completely and changes the function of rice microorganisms that increase its shelf life, it is so difficult to do that no one is willing to do it.

smoked rice

Is consuming smoked rice harmful to health?

There is no short and definite answer to this question, because they do not always use a fixed substance or a special material, wood, to smoke rice. In other words, smoking food with ordinary wood is not harmful to health.

However, since this is done in various workshops and the customer does not know how to do it, the consumption of smoked rice is not recommended.

If you are a fan of smoked rice pills, we recommend that you eat these foods according to a specific time frame, because its continuous and long-term consumption may lead to some underlying diseases such as cancer.

What is the difference between storing smoked rice and ordinary rice?

In practice, the storage and cooking of smoked rice is not much different from plain rice, but keep in mind that rice must be stored in a dry and preferably cool environment. Moisture severely affects the shelf life of rice and causes it to spoil as soon as possible. In addition, old or old rice has a much better quality than fresh rice, one of the main reasons for which is the difference in the moisture content of the rice. If rice is stored in a completely dry environment and pests are prevented from multiplying with the help of permitted toxins such as rice pills, it will last for several years and there will be no problem for it.

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How to cook smoked rice

Cooking by cat method:

First, we wash the rice several times until the water from the rice becomes clear.

Let the rice soak in water and salt for 5 hours (note that for each cup of rice you need one and a half cups of water and 1/3 teaspoon of salt)

Then add liquid oil to the rice (one tablespoon per serving) and pour into a suitable pot.

Put the pot on medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes and stir a little until the rice water evaporates

Then place in a saucepan and lower the flame to simmer the rice after 15 to 20 minutes.

Drainage cooking method:

Wash the rice and soak it in a mixture of water and salt for 5 to 6 hours.

After the mentioned period, pour three cups of water for each cup of rice in a pot and put it on the heat to boil and the rice grains will come out of the pot.

Drain the rice water through a sieve.

Then return the drained rice to the pot with a little oil.

Cover the pot with a saucepan and simmer the rice for 30 minutes.

You can use bread, potatoes, etc. for the bottom of the pot

What foods should smoked rice be eaten with?

 Although it is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables with any type of food and it is better to always have them on our table, but it is better to use vegetables with smoked rice so that if harmful compounds remain in it, somehow side effects To neutralize.

Of course, this does not mean that harmful substances are found only in rice, but a combination of factors such as nutrition, climate and inactivity all make human health more threatened today than ever before.

smoked rice

What foods should we not eat smoked rice with?

In general, fried foods, processed products such as ready-made hamburgers, and ready-to-eat packaged foods contain preservatives and increase the risk of diseases such as cancer. Try to avoid smoked rice and these foods at the same time as much as possible so that the potential dangers do not exacerbate each other.

The last word

Although the consumption of any type of smoked rice is definitely not harmful to health, but since it is practically impossible to identify how rice is prepared with the smoke from burning, it is recommended to buy from reputable brands. And when preparing food using it, it is preferable to consume products such as fruits and vegetables with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smoked Rice

How is smoked rice produced?

Smoked rice is one of the rice products and cultivars that dates back to centuries ago. In the past, due to the lack of modern facilities for long-term storage of food, various methods were used, one of the most practical of which was smoking. This will make the food last longer. One of the ingredients he found by smoking countless fans was smoked rice. Smoking rice, in addition to helping the product last, gave the food a special flavor that pleased many people, and led to the production of this product over the past centuries, and today a large part of The market for buying and selling rice belongs to this figure. Today, this rice is produced in Iran and many other countries.

Is it wrong to smoke food? Should we eat smoked rice or not?

Smoked rice is one of the products that can be obtained by smoking. Smoking food has a long history. Due to the presence of various chemical compounds, smoke prevents the growth of many fungi and the factors that cause food spoilage. According to research, the smoke from burning wood contains more than 2,000 chemicals, and therefore the beneficial compounds in the smoke can prevent food spoilage, but there is always debate about the harmful compounds in the smoke. In general, according to research, there is no danger to consumers if wood and firewood are used to smoke rice and other foods; But the use of plastic, paper, pine wood and colored wood is not recommended for smoking food due to the toxic substances in the smoke. Today, due to the growth of technology, there is no need to smoke food, and this is done only to create taste, and as a result, eating smoked rice is not a problem if it is not regular.

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Are smoked rice and foods harmful? And is there a ban on smoked rice?

Smoked rice and smoked foods, if consumed with proper planning, do not pose a risk to human health, provided that these substances are smoked using firewood. In general, if the food is smoked with colored sticks and is not consumed regularly, then they can not pose a risk to human health because according to research and evidence, only the continuous consumption of unhealthy substances that can affect the incidence of disease; And since smoked rice and smoked foods are consumed only due to the enjoyment and experience of certain flavors and may be done once or twice a month, so these foods can be consumed with confidence and the taste and quality of products Enjoy like smoked rice. Smoked rice, if consumed properly, will not be harmful to health.

What does smoked rice look like? And what are the important points in buying smoked rice?

Smoked rice is a product that does not change much in appearance with white rice and only changes in taste. But in some cases, its color is duller and darker. This rice, like white rice, has different types, the most important types of smoked rice are Hashemi smoked rice, smoked chest rice and a number of local Iranian rice. As a result, the price of smoked rice varies for different cultivars. Smoked rice is mostly consumed mainly in northern Iran. This product, if cooked and consumed properly, will not have any side effects because it can be prepared in different ways. In Iran, for example, this rice is made in the form of kata or brewed. If you want to buy smoked rice, it is recommended to buy from popular and reputable brands.

How to get rid of the smell of smoked rice? And what is the storage guide for smoked rice?

Smoked rice is a product that has a special taste due to being smoked and of course smoky aroma, which may not be pleasant for some people. To eliminate the smoky smell of this rice, you can be more careful when washing and spend more time rinsing this food. Depending on the amount of cooked rice, you can also put pieces of fresh bread on it before brewing the rice. It removes the smell of smoke from cooked rice. Of course, you can reduce the smell of smoked onion by dipping a peeled onion in a rice pot. You can also spread dry rice in the shade to reduce the smell.

Increase appetite by consuming smoked rice

Smoked rice is a product that can increase people’s appetite. Fortunately, if this rice is consumed in a principled way, it will not have a side effect on your weight gain. This rice increases appetite in people because it has a very pleasant smell and taste, and for this reason, many other useful foods can be consumed along with this rice. This type of rice can be a complementary and effective food for people who have food problems or malnutrition.

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