Does eating rice increase sexual desire?

Rice and Sex!

Sexual desire is one of the requirements of married life and men’s sexual reluctance can disrupt the stability of the marital relationship. Increasing sexual desire or the fight against sexual reluctance is a case that considers in traditional medicine and solutions to increase sexual desire have always been taught to the public. Sexual reluctance in traditional medicine is known as cold temper, and it is generally believed that cold foods cause this unpleasant feeling.

However, since not all cold foods are of the same type or, in other words, the same species, it can be said that by further investigation, we can come across samples that, in addition to having no negative effects. They do not, and can also have a good and effective effect on increasing sexual potency.

Sexual desire is the opposite of sexual reluctance, and this can have several factors, one of which is cold temper, and in other cases, sexual and genetic problems can be the cause of this problem. In traditional medicine, it is recommended to use less cold foods to avoid sexual desire.

And because rice is known as one of the cold foods, this factor has led many people to consider rice consumption to be associated with sexual reluctance. In the following, we will examine the effect of rice on sexual desire.

brown rice

Does rice consumption affect people’s sexual desire?

Sexual desire is a factor that exists in both women and men, and many believe that this condition is related to the type of nutrition. Rice is one of the foods that has different types and its white type, which is commonly used by people, has always been discussed by traditional medicine activists.

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Some people consider it hot and others consider it cold, but the most important issue that both groups agree on is the dry nature of rice. And the dryness of rice to some extent prevents sexual desire and helps increase sexual desire.

Sexual desire is a condition that occurs after repeated consumption of rice for some people. In fact, it is this type of rice preparation that affects people’s sexual desire because sometimes some people have announced that an increase in sexual desire with rice has happened to them. And with more research done in this area, it has been determined that by using appropriate methods, you can increase your sexual desire even by eating rice.

Sexual desire is almost reduced by consuming brewed rice. In this case, the rice loses the material in its shell due to boiling and straining the water, and the only thing left is white rice. This rice has a cold nature and by consuming it, this desire of sensitive people will be greatly reduced.

But if the rice is prepared in the form of keteh or boiled, then the substances that were lost in the purification of rice water remain in the rice, and the rice assumes an almost warm nature. Therefore, it can be said that increasing sexual desire is achieved with keteh rice and boiled rice for people.

brown rice

Increase sexual desire by consuming brown rice

Sexual desire is a power that can be increased by consuming different substances. One of the pills that men usually use to increase this desire is zinc pill or zinc pill. Zinc has a great effect on the normal growth of the male body, and normally every man should consume about 30 to 60 grams of zinc daily.

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There are several ways to inject this amount of zinc into the body. Some people do this by taking zinc pills, while others eat foods that contain zinc. Zinc is a substance that is significantly present in various cereal bran.

One of these grains is rice and as a result, by consuming whole grain rice, the required zinc can be injected into the body. But since it is difficult for humans to eat whole grain rice, it is necessary to use methods that can be used with the zinc in rice. In this case, it is recommended to use brown rice.

This desire is increased by consuming brown rice. Because of the production method of brown rice, the zinc in the rice husk is transferred to the rice kernel after supplementary operations and the rice assumes a warm nature.

Important points in increasing sexual desire with rice

Sexual desire is a factor that can be increased by consuming rice. To increase this desire with rice, you can buy rice from reputable brands. For example, if brown is prepared in a principled way, it will have a warm nature and can be used to increase sexual desire.

Also, white rice must be processed in appropriate ways so that it can be used to increase sexual desire by cooking or boiling.

Proper sexual desire is an issue that many men and women, especially during menopause, seek to increase. One of the best ways to increase this power is to eat foods. Rice is a product that uses to increase this desire.

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