Creamy pilaf mixture recipe

Creamy pilaf is an interesting food which taste completely different from other pilafs. this is the best recipe of creamy pilaf.

Ingredients for preparing creamy pilaf mixture

One cup of rice

Two-dimensional chicken broth

Sour cream 100 g

Three tablespoons of olive oil

Chopped red onion

A tablespoon of coriander seeds

Paprika a tablespoon

Two hot roasted peppers

Half a cup of peas

Cinnamon stick number

Chicken breast 200 g

Butter 50 g

Two grated carrots

Turmeric is one tablespoon

Freshly grated ginger a teaspoon

Two cloves of grated garlic

Salt and pepper as needed

Three cardamom seeds

creamy pilaf

How to prepare creamy pilaf

first stage

To begin, pour the olive oil into the pan and place on the heat to heat. Put onion and carrot in a pan and fry in oil. Now add the chicken breast and after frying a little, add the coriander seeds, turmeric, paprika, fresh ginger, grilled peppers and garlic. Finally, add the cardamom seeds and mix all the ingredients and spices together so that the flavors go together. Finally, add some salt and pepper.

second stage

At this stage, add raw rice, peas, and fry a little to color the rice. Then add the chicken stock and increase the heat a little to bring the chicken stock to a boil. Wait for most of the chicken broth to evaporate, then add a cinnamon stick and place it in a saucepan to cook the rice. When the rice is still alive and not fully steamed, add the sour cream and put it back in the pot until the rice is fully steamed.

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third level

Creamy pilaf is ready. Serve it in a dish and garnish with some parsley. Enjoy your meal!

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