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Bean with rice or Baghali polo with muscle meat recipe


Bean with rice or Baghali polo with muscle is one of the traditional and old Iranian dishes. This food has a special place among Iranians. This delicious food, such as foods is one of the most important Iranian dishes that use for special parties.

With the amount of ingredients in this recipe, you can prepare bean with rice with muscle for 4 people.

If you want to make more or fewer rice beans with muscle, just multiply or divide the amount of ingredients.

Ingredients Bean with rice or Baghali polo with muscle

2 onions

4 cups of rice

Green beans 1 cup

Muscle 500 g

Dried 1 cup

50 g butter

liquid oil

Cinnamon 1 tablespoons

saffron 3 tablespoons

Rose powder 1 tablespoons

salt, black pepper, and turmeric

Bean with rice

How to prepare Bean with rice or Baghali polo with muscle

First peel the beans, then drain and cut in half and set aside. Then pour water into a saucepan and add a little salt to it and put it on high heat until the water boils.

 We wash the rice, which depends on its model, at the same time and we pour out its water and pour it into boiling water. When we add rice to boiling water, the water falls out of boiling. So we wait for the water to boil again and add the beans to it, and when we have tested the rice and the kernels are cooked, we drain the rice and the beans together. Then peel the potatoes for the bottom of the pot and cut them into rings.

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Pour oil on the bottom of the pot and put the potatoes on the oil, and then brew 1 tablespoon of saffron and pour it on the potatoes. Then Pour a little rice with a spatula on the potatoes and sprinkle a little dry dill on the rice.

Now Pour 1 teaspoon of cardamom and the size of a teaspoon of cinnamon and rosemary powder and 1 tablespoon of saffron on the rice and again pour the next layer of rice and beans as before and cardamom, cinnamon, rosemary powder and saffron in the same amount. Which we poured in the previous layer.

Pour in the next layer and slice the butter thinly and put it on the rice to eat the rice and gradually the rice will be both flavored and oily, and then pour half a glass of water around the pot and put the lid on the pot. And moderate the heat to evaporate.

Baghali polo

Next Step

And then we reduce the heat and 15 minutes later we turn off the flame because the rice is completely cooked. Then, to cook the muscle, we first peel and drain the onions and chop them on a garter board and pour a little oil in a pan.

Pour the muscle meat with the onion into the pan and add 1 tablespoon of turmeric and black pepper jam, which completely smells like meat, and stay on top of it for 15 minutes and fry it well. We do not burn.

Until the onion is soft and light and the color of the muscle flesh changes and is slightly fried. After the muscles are slightly fried, pour boiling water over them and put on heat to cook well for 3 to 4 hours.

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When the water thickens, add a little salt at the end. Turn the Bean with rice or Baghali polo upside down in a good pot and put it in a dish and put the muscle in a bowl and decorate it with a little barberry.

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