American food for dinner

Are you looking for American food for dinner tonight?

Well, here we have a list of five popular American dishes for your tonight dinner. But before reading this article, you may be interested to know about American’s food culture.

Brunswick stew as an american dinner food
Brunswick stew

1. Brunswick stew

The Brunswick stew is a genuine American stew, but its exact origin is unknown. All we know is the first time this food cooked was in Virginia or Carolina or Georgia.

Some say that James Matthews, the camp chef, first prepared this stew for Creed Haskins.

Brunswick stew prepares on the basis of tomatoes. This stew uses vegetables, beans and meat, and sometimes corn adds to it.

Today, chicken usually use in this food. But sometimes, as in the past, squirrel or rabbit meat also use in this food.

This stew does not take much time to prepare and cook and is considered a high-calorie food.

Clam chowder as an american food for dinner
Clam chowder

2. Clam chowder

It originated in the eastern United States but now serves nationwide. Especially on days when some people do not eat meat, such as Friday for traditional Catholics.

This food contains oysters, broth, and milk, and usually chopped potatoes, pork, salt, onion, and celery also use in cooking. Of course, other vegetables are not used much.

This food is healthy and nutritious.

Tex-Mex cuisine as an ammerican food
Tex-Mex cuisine

3. Tex-Mex cuisine

Tex-Mex cuisine (Texan and Mexican) These foods have grown in South America and border states such as Mexico.

These foods are one of the most popular foods in South America and can be a good suggestion for a detailed and delicious dinner at your small party.

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Tex-Mex cooks with a lot of use of shredded cheese, meat (especially pork, beef and chicken), peppers and beans and spices.

In general, cheese plays a very important role in Tex-Mex foods.

These foods also use a variety of condiments.

Burgoo as an American food for dinner

4. Burgoo

Burgoo is a spicy stew. In addition to being a food that cooks slowly but is very tasty and is popular in the West and South America.

In this food, pork and beef, deer and squirrel meat use, which have a special aroma and taste along with spices.

Common vegetables, beans, corn, okra and tomatoes use in this food.

Fried chicken with macaroni and cheese, collard greens, okra and cornbread as an American Food for dinner
Fried chicken with macaroni and cheese, collard greens, okra and cornbread

5. Fried chicken with macaroni and cheese, collard greens, okra and cornbread

Fried chicken, which contains different pieces of chicken and grilles in a pressed form or fried in a layer of dough with breadcrumbs in oil.

These pieces serves with lettuce and okra.

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